Pay Yourself First: The Power of Saving and Budgeting


Pay yourself first: Saving is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal to gain financial freedom and have success. But it takes discipline and an open mind to be able to save. There are many ways one can save more each month; lowering bills, watching spending, eating in instead of eating out. The trick is… taking that money “saved” and putting it somewhere safe… not leaving it around to be swiped away the next time one used a debit card.

If you have the motivation and discipline to gain financial freedom, then tune in to “Pay Yourself First”, to become empowered with real ideas and real ways to put more money away each and every month.

The first step to financial freedom is empowering yourself to make the change and start saving.

About Allyson F. Skinner:

Allyson is a Financial Specialist with National Financial Network, LLC. After working for over 6 years on the corporate side of a large Insurance and Financial Services firm, in 2011, she chose to follow her passion for helping others. Based on her own personal experience she has a genuine interest in helping women live a better financial life. Allyson takes a holistic approach to helping her clients to think and strategize about their finances by challenging traditional financial thinking.

Allyson is a wife and mom to two small children and understands first hand what many of us face in trying to manage a home and family.

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