Great Ways to Shop More and Spend Less

by Stacy Francis, CFP®, CDFA

Shopping tips from the recession in 2008 still hold true today, if not more so.

Online shopping is the norm today in 2022 and looking to compare pricing online makes it easier to find the best price for what you are looking for.

Savvy Ladies founder Stacy Frances shares her top shopping tips which still top the list to help you save money today.

My husband and I went shopping this weekend, to stock up on fall clothes for our son and us. We expected to find oodles of blowout sales and bargains.

We didn’t. Even though it was a Saturday, the mall was as deserted as classrooms in July. But the prices . . . let’s just say I haven’t paid retail for clothing for a long time. These days, obviously I’m not the only one keeping tabs on my spending. For those of you dying to shop even with a thinner budget, below are some ideas.

Top 5 Shopping Tips to Save Money

1. Outlets. Spread across the country, these are to bargain hunters what Paris is for gourmets. The outlet stores are worth checking out these days.

2. Online. All brands can be found online via online shopping links either via their own online stores or on Amazon. With free shipping part of the offer, shopping online is a great bargain.

3. Sales. Though obviously not as frequent as I thought, sales do happen. When they do, it is not unusual to come across discounts of more than 70%.

4. Vintage. Far from the last resort that they used to be, vintage stores are turning into fun and hip options for the label lover on a budget.

5. Coupons. No longer only in the Penny Saver, coupons for luxury items can be found on sites such as Many times, you can find the coupons you need by visiting the website of the store for which you are headed.

Being financially savvy does not mean losing your style or having a boring time. By using ideas like the ones above, you can stretch your budget and shop more for less.

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