Junior Board

Join the Savvy Ladies Junior Board

We’re thrilled to announce that in 2023 Savvy Ladies will launch a Junior Board to provide leadership and development opportunities to young professionals. Constituted by a steering group of 8-16 members, the initial focus of the Junior Board will be mentorship, including professional mentorship of its members by field leaders as well as peer and near-peer mentorship. 

Members of the Savvy Ladies Junior Board will be responsible for program and resource development and community outreach. They will also be expected to make a direct gift of $500 per year and to give or raise an additional $500 per year, as well as to attend and promote Savvy Ladies events.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact Judy Herbst, Executive Director Savvy Ladies. 


Requirements to join the Savvy Ladies Junior Board

The Savvy Ladies Junior Board will comprise emerging professionals, graduate students, who are committed to women’s financial empowerment. In order to be considered for membership, applicants must be:

  • Rising talent in financial related services or other professional sectors
  • Age 24-35
  • College graduate
  • Any gender identity

About Savvy Ladies

Savvy Ladies is a NYC-based nonprofit organization committed to advancing financial literacy for all women and providing safe spaces to help women achieve financial independence, build wealth, and reduce economic and racial disparities in financial education and literacy for women.