Our Impact

Financial anxiety is growing for women in the US. While women have typically felt more anxious about money than men, it has grown since the start of the covid pandemic. In a recent study reported by CNBC in March 2021, women were concerned about not having enough savings for retirement, about how to juggle work and caregiving, and how to best manage day-day expenses along with job security. The solution is learning how to make a plan that works for you. Savvy Ladies provides that opportunity to all women to learn and safely ask questions, with no shame, but with support to help you find the right financial path forward.

Savvy Ladies provides access to unbiased, independent advice by certified professionals for women of all ages and backgrounds regardless of race and income.

Directly helping over 20,000 women nationwide, Savvy Ladies is assisting women who are…

  • Seeking guidance in budget amidst hardship, 52%
  • Seeking support to manage overwhelming debt, 39%
  • Addressing inadequate retirement income, 31%

And who are:

  • Single, divorced, or widowed, 75%
  • Women of color or multi-racial, 46%
  • Have a family income of $50,000 or less, 52%
  • Have a family income of $20,000 or less, 24%