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Savvy Ladies Free Financial Helpline will Match You with a Financial Advisor. Get the Expert Advice You Deserve.

Would you like to speak to a financial expert about a personal financial question or issue that you are experiencing? The Savvy Ladies financial expert volunteers are here to offer their expert advice & knowledge to help you move forward and create a roadmap for financial success.  Savvy Ladies provides access to unbiased, independent advice by certified professionals for women of all ages and backgrounds. Our experts can answer questions covering: divorce and money, family finances and small business planning, budgeting and debt management (including credit cards), retirement and investing/saving, school loans, career financial planning, home/rental financial arrangements, and other important financial questions you may have.

Financial Education is Power.

How it Works:

    • Complete and submit the helpline request form.

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    • We’ll connect you with one of our volunteer financial experts.

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Once your question is submitted, the Savvy Ladies staff will match you with the appropriate volunteer to speak with you. The purpose of the free, personal and confidential call is to answer your question. Each question is limited to one phone call.

      • While women have typically felt more anxious about money than men, and it has grown since the covid pandemic. 

      • Women are concerned about not having enough savings for retirement, about how to juggle work and caregiving, and how to best manage day-day expenses along with job security. 

      • The solution is learning how to make a plan that works for you. Savvy Ladies provides that opportunity to all women to learn and safely ask questions, with no shame, but with support to help you find the right financial path forward.

      • Savvy Ladies provides access to unbiased, independent advice by certified professionals for women of all ages and backgrounds.


        Topics covered:

      • divorce and money
      • family finances and small business planning
      • budgeting and debt management (including credit cards)
      • retirement
      • investing/saving
      • home finances
      • marriage and financial planning


Professional experts will not promote products and services. Savvy Ladies does not provide any monetary assistance.

All personal financial advice and guidance provided by the volunteers are provided solely by the individual volunteer. By accepting guidance, you acknowledge and agree that Savvy Ladies, officers, board, and staff assume no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or appropriateness of any advice or guidance provided by the volunteer. You acknowledge that you must make an independent judgment regarding a particular volunteer’s qualifications and suitability for your individual needs and circumstances. The responsibility for financial decisions is your own, and you understand that you are under no obligation to follow any recommendations or suggestions provided by the volunteer. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to comply with all regulatory, professional, and ethical obligations imposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Savvy Ladies does not charge or accept compensation for any Helpline referrals to our pro bono volunteers.