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As women in America, we are pulled in many directions. Women are seeking personal wellness in all areas of their lives. One of the most important components for women in their wellness journey is to be financially literate and secure. Women need the tools and information to allow them to make the right decisions for themselves and their families. When she makes the right decisions, it’s upward mobility for her whole family. We don’t need to be in the dark anymore regarding our financial wellness.

You can acquire this independence at Savvy Ladies, where we empower women to be the best version of themselves through FREE financial education. This is a safe place to learn and grow financially.

Are you ready to speak to a financial expert about a personal financial question or issue that you are experiencing?  Savvy Ladies® provides access to unbiased, independent advice by certified professionals for all women ages 18+  and all backgrounds. Our experts can answer questions covering: divorce and money, family finances and small business planning, budgeting, and debt management (including credit cards), retirement and investing/saving, school loans, career financial planning, home/rental financial arrangements, and other important financial questions you may have. Asking questions offers you a bright and secure financial future. Submit your question using the link below.

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Learn How Much Real Callers Have Benefited from the Helpline

Savvy Ladies is a wonderful organization! Mark P., the volunteer that helped me, is wonderful to work with. I have to admit in my life time, I haven’t come across many men that actually talk to me like I’m able to think for myself and that do not talk down to me. Mark was informative, honest and to the point. Right now I need that kind of open honesty, respect, and kindness. Thank you Mark!

This was a great resource. My helpline volunteer gave me affirmations that I was on the right track and gave me concrete action items to explore.

Your service is a wonderful resource!

My volunteer was amazing! I went into our meeting feeling overwhelmed, confused about my situation and choices, and overall a bit lost. I got kind, empathetic, and data driven advice, and got help formulating a plan on how to move forward. I am so grateful, and feel confident and empowered about my financial situation. Thank you so much!

My helpline volunteer was extremely helpful! I didn’t feel embarrassed at all being honest about how little I know because she was very kind! She helped me better understand the investments I already have, start planning for the future, and made me aware of tax regulations I could benefit/suffer from. Truly appreciate her time!

I really appreciate that she took time out of her day to talk to me.

My volunteer has been very influential to my financial success. After our meeting, I felt empowered enough to invest my money in my Roth IRA.

The advisor was kind, attentive and answered my questions. Thank you very much for your help.

What added to the success of my meeting was the questions and information provided by the volunteer before our meeting.

The advisor was outstanding! She was patient, nonjudgmental and wise. I’m already utilizing what she taught me and will use it the rest of my life.

This was a great starting point and I learned a LOT! I decided to find someone in state who could understand my specific financial questions, but am very grateful to get a lot of questions answered for free and be more knowledgeable when I go to my first appointment.

My helpline advisor was super helpful! I greatly appreciate being able to speak with a financial advisor about the concerns that I had in my long term care insurance application. Although talking to her has raised some new issues for me, I am relieved overall to have her guidance and advice. Based on our talk, I’m taking active steps to ameliorate some of the concerns I had about my application. And I’m so thankful to Savvy Ladies for offering this kind of help. I wish that more people knew about your organization. Thank you!

She was very kind and compassionate. She was well researched and had some ideas to help.

He was very kind and knowledgeable. He also took his time, was patient and didn’t rush me. Thank you so much! You all provide a great service.

It was helpful to have someone’s undivided attention and advice for our session and I feel equipped with more knowledge and steps of what to do next.

My helpline advisor was absolutely wonderful! Flexible with his schedule, was very thorough and insightful f during out conversation, and answered all my questions. He also sent me a well written and thorough email of resources and information from our talk. I was very grateful for his time!

Women typically feel more anxious about money than men. That anxiety has only grown since the COVID pandemic.

Women are concerned about not having enough savings for retirement, how to juggle work and caregiving, and how to best manage day-day expenses along with job security.

The solution is learning how to make a plan that works for you. Savvy Ladies® provides that opportunity to all women to learn and safely ask questions, with no shame, but with support to help you find the right financial path forward.

Financial Education is Power.

Savvy Ladies® provides access to unbiased, independent advice by certified professionals for women of all ages and backgrounds.

Topics that may be covered:

  • divorce and money
  • family finances and small business planning
  • budgeting and debt management (including credit cards)
  • retirement
  • investing/saving
  • home finances
  • marriage and financial planning