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Power of the Ask Podcast

Join Savvy Ladies Co-hosts Lisa Zeiderman and Precious Williams for authentic, real, from-the-heart conversations about ASK’ing questions that will help you build your financial confidence and well-being.

Savvy Ladies connects with over 5000+ women each year via its Free Financial Helpline and virtual programs and now is proud to bring you its new Podcast, The Power of the ASK.

The podcast that helps you get what you want both financially and personally.

Discover the art of asking the right questions to own every room, be intentional in your pursuit, and build the best version of yourself.

It’s time to stop waiting for permission and start asking for what you deserve. The “Power of the Ask” is your dose of no-nonsense guidance and actionable advice to master your finances, skyrocket your career, and find your inner strength. 

Stop waiting, start asking.

Behind the Mic: 

The Savvy Ladies, Lisa Zeiderman and Precious Williams 

Lisa Zeiderman is the Founder Partner in her Matrimonial Law firm, a Certified Divorce Financial Advisor, and Board Chair of Savvy Ladies, non-profit organization equipping women with free financial tools like the Free Financial Helpline for Women to empower and build financial confidence and well-being.

Precious Williams is affectionately known as the #KillerPitchMaster, and can help you #slayallcompetition with her “killer” elevator pitches, media pitches, and investor pitches, a successful entrepreneur and Savvy Ladies Board Director. She is a world-class master communicator who works with successful women entrepreneurs and helps them take their professional pitching and speaking skills to the next level. With over 24 years of experience in creating unique branding, speaking, and marketing techniques, Williams trains her clients and sales teams at Fortune 100 companies on how to remain authentic and transparent when presenting to distinctive audiences.

With co-hosts

Lisa Zeiderman and Precious Williams  

Build your financial confidence into your superpower. Join us for each episode with our savvy guests.

We share our stories, overcoming our fears and embracing our confidence, building our worth and wealth.

Asking questions and getting the answers you need to move forward and own your financial roadmap. 

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