Marriage & Your Finances

With money being one of the top issues and causes for divorce, as a woman, you need to go into your marriage with your eyes wide open about money. It will be important to talk about money openly and often with your spouse. The conversation should include discussion around lifestyle choices – travel, dining, shopping, home, and personal purchases.

Going into the marriage it may be wise to have a prenuptial agreement. There are many questions you should speak openly about and seek professional financial counsel to discuss like names on the bank accounts, mortgage & car titles, insurance, credit cards. Making sure, as the wife, you have access to the household money and accounts is important. Should everything be joint or not? Merging lives is part of marriage, falling in love, understanding each other’s money habits should be top of mind as you create a household together.

Savvy Ladies is here to help educate and share resources and guide you to gain the knowledge you need to learn and make smart financial decisions. We offer a library of informative webinars, blog articles, a helpful budget worksheet, and mentoring with our team of professional financial volunteers for 1:1 support.

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Happily Moneyed

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