Empowering Women Through Financial Knowledge

Free Financial Education for All Women

Empowering Women Through Financial Knowledge

Free Financial Education for All Women


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Savvy Ladies® champions the advancement of self-reliant, financially educated women.  

Helping reduce economic and racial disparities in financial education for women.

Hear from our Savvy Helpline Volunteers

Savvy Helpline Volunteers are financial professionals from across the United States ready to assist you with your personal financial question. Hear what types of questions our volunteers receive and what you can expect when meeting with them. Wherever you are on your financial journey, Savvy Volunteers are available to give you personal advice. Financial education is power!

Championing Women’s Empowerment Through Financial Knowledge

“Our goal is to improve the financial well-being of all women”

— Stacy Francis
Founder, Savvy Ladies®

Savvy Ladies® mission is to empower women to take control of their finances by providing a professional network of support & guidance, offering free financial advisors & educational programming to help women make informed & confident financial decisions.

Our Dedicated Volunteers are Passionate about the Women We Serve

Our volunteers are women and men, individuals, skilled professionals, and corporate institutions that believe in the advancement of financial education for all women. Each shares the goal to help women gain the confidence and knowledge they need to build their personal financial roadmap to attain financial security. Join us and help empower women through financial knowledge.

Jennifer Jonassaint
Jennifer Jonassaint – A Certified Life and Financial Coach, CLFC, areas of expertise include credit card debt management, budgeting.

Carrie Rattle
Carrie Rattle – Master Money Coach BA ECON., MBA, CDFA ®, AFC ®. Member of the Association of Divorce Financial Planners.

Be part of the positive change in the lives of women

Help champion the advancement of free financial education for women and the families they support.

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