Ways to Volunteer

Giving back is gratifying. It's rewarding.

Volunteering at Savvy Ladies is an enriching experience. There are many ways to offer your expertise and serve the Savvy Ladies community. The women we do are looking for guidance, understanding, and education around such topics as divorce & money, retirement, credit card debt & debt management, budgeting, mortgage/rent strategy, starting a business and investing. The Savvy Ladies volunteers are passionate about empowering women and making an impact that positively changes lives.

Are you a Professional Financial Advisor? 

Become a Helpline Volunteer. Apply Here.

Becoming a Savvy Ladies Helpline volunteer may be a great way to volunteer your services and help women in need of financial guidance. We are seeking skilled Financial Professionals from the financial services sector, financial planning advice, and consultation areas to be Savvy Ladies Helpline volunteers. Our volunteers offer 1:1 financial guidance and typically give 1-5 hours of pro bono time per month.

There are also many additional ways to get involved and make a difference at Savvy Ladies.

1. You can become a Member and join our amazing community of like-minded leaders who are passionate about empowering women through financial knowledge.

2. If you are a student or recent graduate, learn with us and assist with staff duties on the Savvy Ladies Helpline. Help with database management.

3. Offer your professional expertise:  Video creating/editing – YouTube, TikTok.


Contact us for more information.  Submit your inquiry to:  info@savvyladies.org

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