Free Financial Courses, FINRA Approved

Empowering Women Through Financial Knowledge

Welcome to the Savvy Ladies Financial Knowledge Program. We are pleased to partner with the Fitness Financial Group to bring you the best-in-class courses created

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Savvy Ladies Free Financial Courses are designed to educate and empower financial well-being. This new library of online courses allows women to learn at their convenience, at their own pace. All the courses are FINRA-compliant and are designed to create confident learners. The courses for Savvy Ladies cover the key topics and questions received on the Savvy Ladies Helpline, from budgeting, debt management, investing, and retirement; the program is designed for women to gain the knowledge and tools they need to help them build their personal finance roadmap. Learners will be able to move through the courses, making their learning personal and effective while building their financial confidence every step of the way. This new educational program of free financial courses is in partnership with the Fitness Financial Groupdevelopers of industry-leading interactive financial wellness solutions for top financial service firms, government agencies, and large corporations, enabling Savvy Ladies to bring the best-in-class courses created by industry experts and curated for the Savvy Ladies audience of women seeking financial education.