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 Your 5-Part FREE Financial Divorce Roadmap Series for Success

 Educational live-virtual panels to renew, energize and educate yourself to be financially savvy about your divorce.

1.Get Divorce Savvy: Managing Your Personal Security. Lessons in Virtual Safety & Surveillance and How to Find the Money Trail when it is Hidden from You.

Join the Savvy Ladies free panel discussion with our savvy experts Lisa Zeiderman, Esq., CDFA, CFL, Managing Partner at Miller Zeiderman LLP as moderator with panelists Gary Rosen, CPA, CFF, CFE, CVA, CGMA , a National Forensic Advisory Services Leader, and Nicholas G. Himonidis, JD, CFE, CCFS, CCFI, CRC Expert in Online Security.

Understand what it means to know that you’re being spied on?  What is an invasion of your privacy? Some actions performed by a spying spouse aren’t just offensive – they’re illegal. Information a spouse uncovers about you via illegal spying can’t be used directly in a divorce action or custody battle.

We will dive in and learn from a forensic accountant how to find the money when it is hidden from you.


Session was held on Wednesday, January 10th 6:00 – 7:00 pm ET

Spy expert
Nicholas Himonidis

President / CEO NGH Group, Inc.

Providing Investigative, Digital Forensic &

E-Discovery Consulting Services

Amy Holzman, Trust & Estate Attorney<br />
Lisa Zeiderman

CDFA, Matrimonial Attorney, Managing Partner Miller Zeiderman LLP

Savvy Ladies Board Chair

Panel Moderator


Gary Rosen

National Forensic Advisory Services Leader

Marcum Accountants & Advisors

2. Get Divorce Savvy: Navigating Family Court

Sponsored by My Family Wizard


Join the discussion and learn from our expert panelists how to navigate Family Court issues and prepare for the best outcome.


Session was held on Wednesday, January 17th 6:00 – 7:00 pm ET

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Michelle Barr Our Family Wizard

Elle Barr

Our Family Wizard

Lauren Lavender

Andrea Labis

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-R

Amy Holzman, Trust & Estate Attorney<br />

Jennifer M. Jackman, Esq.

Family Court Litigator

Siobhan O’Grady, Esq., CFL

Family Court Litigator

3. Get Divorce Savvy: Understanding Your Net Worth, Financial Assets & Lifestyle Analysis

with Lisa Zeiderman 


Join the discussion and learn from our expert panelists. What is your statement of net worth? How to figure it out and untangle your financial assets from your spouses.


Lauren Lavender

Jay Mota


Savvy Ladies Supporter

Amy Holzman, Trust & Estate Attorney<br />

Jamie Lima


Savvy Ladies Helpline Volunteer

Dawn Drazel

Author, Divorced Mom, Savvy Ladies Client & Supporter

4. Get Divorce Savvy: Setting Yourself Up for a Secure Financial Future


Learn with our experts. Join the panel discussion and hear our savvy experts share their insights on securing your financial future and setting yourself up to be financially secure.


Wednesday, January 31st 6:00 – 7:00 pm ET

Amy Holzman, Trust & Estate Attorney<br />

Melina Denebeim

Co-Director, Master of Science in Financial Economics and Program for Financial Studies; Executive and Divorce Coach

Lisa Zeiderman

Lisa Zeiderman 


Maggie Patrick


Morgan Stanley

5. Get Divorce Savvy: Legacy Planning & the Art of the PreNup  

Sponsored by Hello Prenup

Join the conversation lead by our Savvy experts and start talking about your views on money. Understand what happens with the premarital property. Will it remain separate or be joint? What about student debt, credit card debt  – will premarital debts remain separate debts in the event of a divorce? Learn about income and assets that are acquired while married. What are the key questions to ask yourself as you prepare for a marriage that are important for setting yourself up for success in the Art of the Pre-Nup?

Wednesday, February 7th 6:00 – 7:00 pm ET

Julia Rodgers

Julia Rodgers, CEO & Co-Founder HelloPrenup

Lauren Lavender

Lauren Lavender, CMO HelloPrenup

Amy Holzman, Trust & Estate Attorney<br />

Amy Holzman, Trust & Estate Attorney

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