Think Like a Breadwinner, Live Like a Boss


Over and over again, I meet women who are successful professionally but feel like failures financially. Why? It’s not because we’re not “good with money.” It’s because we weren’t raised to think like a breadwinner—or a boss. But we can change that.

I’m going to show you how to shift your mindset and your habits so that you can have the wealth and the confidence to control your financial future and create the life that you want.

This presentation will include: – What Adopting a “Breadwinner” Mindset Means and Why We Need It – What It Means to Truly Be the Boss or Your Life – 6 Simple Habits That Can Help You Build Wealth – Plus: A (Nearly) Fool-proof Way to Hit Your Savings & Other Financial Goals

About Jennifer Barrett:

Jennifer Barrett

A digital strategist and award-winning financial journalist, Jennifer is currently Chief Education Officer at Acorns and the Editor-in-Chief of Grow, a personal finance site supported by Acorns.

Before joining Acorns in 2015, she was Personal Finance Editor for CNBC Digital. The co-author of two personal finance books, Jennifer has covered financial topics for national publications including The New York Times, Worth, Money—and Newsweek, where she was a staff writer and editor for seven years.

She’s also held executive roles at DailyWorth, where she was SVP and Editor-in-Chief, and Hearst Digital, where she was General Manager of the Women & Teens Group (including the Cosmopolitan, Redbook, and Seventeen brands).

Jennifer began her financial journalism career writing the foreign exchange column for The Wall Street Journal. She has done multiple radio interviews and TV appearances, including the TODAY Show, MSNBC, CNN, Fusion, and NY1 News.

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