Divorce: 3 Steps to Minimize the Emotional & Financial Costs


It’s no surprise that there are financial costs involved with getting a divorce, and there are also emotional ones. How they are intertwined and interact can negatively impact your end goals. Join us, Kim and Liza, divorce coaches and divorced women as we share an overview on stress, and more importantly, concrete steps you can take so you care for yourself and make the best decisions that will promote the life you deserve.

This webinar is designed for women of all ages thinking about, or in the midst of divorce.

You will learn:

  • How emotions are linked to various financial issues in a divorce

  • 3 ways to take action, even during stress

  • How taking action will save you time, money, and lessen your emotional pain

About Kimberly:

Kimberly Mishkin, cofounder and director of SAS for Women®, is an educator of 21 years and former administrator for The Spence School. Kim holds a BA in Education from Miami University, a MS in Science Education from Wright State University, and is licensed in Educational Leadership through The Ohio State University. She is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and a Grief Recovery Specialist ® with The Grief Recovery Institute®. Kim was divorced after 13 years of marriage and is now happily remarried and a new mother to a beautiful baby boy.

About Liza Caldwell:

Liza is the cofounder and director of SAS for Women® and is a graduate of Fordham University. She holds an MA in education from Columbia University’s Teachers College where she studied gender and leadership development. Trained in transformational coaching with the faculty of Leadership That Works, she is a certified professional coach (CPC) recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Divorced after 17 years of marriage, Liza is a single parent to two young women in college.

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