Operations Clarified – Creating clarity in your business with a simple formula


Entrepreneurs are passionate creators who bring incredible products and services into the world. However, they sometimes forget to take care of the operational foundation of their business. In this workshop, you will learn how to create operational clarity in your business today using Your Other Half’s simple, three-step process. If you’re ready to feel more educated, empowered and clear about your business, join us!

About Alice:

Alice Chin cropped

Alice Chin is the founder and CEO of Your Other Half, a small business operations firm that helps entrepreneurs create sustainable, scalable business solutions. A graduate of Barnard College, Alice recognized her talent for managing people and projects while serving in leadership roles in the Columbia University undergraduate art community. After graduation, this talent became her passion as she applied her problem-solving brain to business operations, project management and event production as an independent consultant at IDEO, Miami Ad School and Hard Candy Shell, while developing her people management skills in Human Resources roles at Newsweek and Institute of Play. Today, Alice thrives as the owner and operator of Your Other Half, where she leverages her professional expertise and creative business talents to help innovators bring their ideas into the world.

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