Using Purpose and People to Guide a Professional Transition


This webinar will help listeners see the value of using purpose to inform their personal and professional choices. We’ll explore how meaning ranks as one of the top 10 variables of happiness and how the simple exercise of taking a personal inventory is a great first step in discovering what is meaningful and lasting.

Siting recent research, we’ll also look at how women, in particular, thrive in the company of others when working towards stated goals, and with that understanding, the importance of securing a circle of advisors when facing a personal or professional transition. Listeners will take away:

  • An understanding of the importance of meaning as a determinant of happiness

  • Top tips on taking hold of a transition process

  • A template with guidelines for a personal inventory worksheet

  • Interactive activity suggestions for after the webinar

About Sheilah:

Sheilah Crowley cropped

Sheilah Crowley is the founder & CEO of The Summit, a unique, woman focused career-coaching group. Sheilah and her highly specialized team help women identify their professional direction, their “true north” as she calls it. A former non-profit executive and business owner, she designs and leads intensive one-day sessions or “summits,” tailored to move each individual woman from confused and stuck to clear and moving ahead toward her purpose.

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