How to Unlock Your Affluent Business & Lifestyle


Affluence is not a mindset. It’s not a destination. It’s not a fixed dollar amount. And it’s certainly not just for rich people. In fact, affluence is more like a secret code. Which means that whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever the numbers in your bank account, you have options. You can choose lack, scarcity, and “not enough.” Or you can choose affluence.Alison believes that true affluence is having the time, money, freedom and aliveness you desire. She helps entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals shift into bounty, wealth, purpose and new possibility. How to Unlock Your Affluent Business Lifestyle. Affluence starts with you.

In this webinar you will:

  • Redefine what true affluence is and what it is not

  • Identify 3 affluence gaps keeping you from making the money you want

  • Learn how to transition from a budget to survive into a budget to thrive

  • Discover how to expand on your existing hidden affluence

About Alison Pena:

Alison is the Principal Catalyst at The Affluence Code, a consulting company that believes affluence is everywhere. According to Alison, affluence is not a mindset or a fixed dollar amount.


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