Credit Management 101

Get tips for reading your credit report and understanding your FICO score. Learn about credit scoring secrets & myths, identity theft prevention & recovery, and medical collections.

Dominate Your Debt: Interview with Rebecca Eve Selkowe

An interview with author and financial coach, Rebecca Eve Selkowe. Her “work and play book” will motivate and inspire you to tackle the challenge of how money can be a controlling factor in your life.

What’s the Deal with All Your Stuff?

What’s the Deal with All Your Stuff?

Did you tell yourself that last year would be the year you got rid of your clutter? Do you find that you need some extra help to stay on track this year? In this webinar, Smith will discuss “stuff” – why we have it, where it came from and what to do...

Turn Your Trash Into Cash

If you are looking for ways to turn your trash into cash, then you’ll want to attend this Webinar by by Certified Professional Organizer® Sharon Lowenheim.

Discard Papers Fearlessly

What should we do with all our paper? Learn what papers can be thrown away, shredded, and kept so you know what to save and what to discard.