Stretch Your Check: Making the Most of Pre-Tax Money


This webinar will show you three ways you could be getting more out of your paycheck by making the most of pre-tax dollars. You can feel like you got a raise while earning the same amount of money!

You will learn:

  • How using pre-tax dollars affects your take home pay

  • What it means to lower your tax burden and why you should

  • The tax advantages of traditional vs. Roth retirement accounts

  • How utilizing commuter benefits can save you money

  • What FSA/HSA accounts are and how they can help you

About Andrea:

Andrea Johnson cropped.jpg

A New York City resident for the last six years, Andrea has done a little bit of everything to make it in the concrete jungle. On the way to making it, however, she racked up $27,000 in debt. In August 2015, she was scraping the bottom of the financial bucket, not sure how to pay rent when every line of credit was maxed out. At the end of the rope, she found Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps, restoring hope with a simple plan. She paid off all $27,000 in just over a year, learning how to be resourceful and make the most of her dollars along the way. Andrea is passionate about helping others reach their financial goals. She specializes in debt management and creating spending plans. When she’s not crunching numbers, Andrea can be found coaching t-ball, reading, and hanging with her cat, Jack.

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