Financial Literacy and Women

Making Smart Decisions with Your Money

Learn How to Make Smart Financial Decisions with Your Money

Understanding the right things you need to do with your money and knowing the right questions about your money is just the starting point of learning to make smart decisions with your money.

Money questions most likely occur when you are experiencing a life-changing event such as a marriage, starting a career, change of job, unemployment, divorce, widowhood, a mid-life relocation, a health concern, a family crisis.

Debt is a significant issue. Learning and understanding your financial expenses, savings, retirement planning, and emergency fund planning are all part of learning to be financially savvy. As one of our Savvy Ladies has shared, “It’s not enough to be smart. You need to be savvy.”

Savvy Ladies is here to help educate and share resources and guide you to gain the knowledge you need to learn and make smart financial decisions. We offer a library of informative webinars, blog articles, a helpful budget worksheet, and mentoring with our team of professional financial volunteers for 1:1 support.

Free Financial Advisors Offer their Advice & Guidance to Women 

Savvy Ladies’ robust community of professional volunteers across the U.S. have stepped up to offer their time and expertise to help guide & advise women with their financial questions ranging from how to budget, pay off a loan, save for college, what to do if forced to retire, how to pay the rent, when to dip into my retirement, should I, lessons about social security, what I need to know about my finances if I am divorcing…… Our volunteers are certified and can guide you to learn your options, create your roadmap, and help you identify ways to build your wealth.

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