The Psychology of Divorce

  • Introduction: legal and medical background

  • The marriage of psychological techniques, mediation and legal strategy

  • Traditional divorce approach vs. new psychologically infused divorce alternative

  • Identifying personality traits and modifying behavior

  • Encouraging communication and negotiation for the best results

  • Successful case examples

About Lois:

Lois Brenner cropped

Lois M. Brenner, Esq., PA, is a renowned New York Divorce Attorney, an accredited Divorce Mediator and psychologically-trained medical professional with over 35 years’ experience. Lois Brenner’s unique approach to divorce addresses both the head (legal strategy), and heart (emotions) of the divorce process. Her ground-breaking method of marrying legal strategy and psychology saves her clients time, money and pain. After attending graduate business school and serving as CEO of a successful corporation, Ms. Brenner started her legal career as a corporate attorney with the prestigious firm of Sullivan & Cromwell. She was head of the matrimonial department at the Wall Street firm of Herzfeld & Rubin before opening her own practice. Ms. Brenner is a highly skilled advocate, negotiator, arbitrator and trial lawyer. In recognition of her expertise, she was selected by the New York State Supreme Court to mediate difficult cases. Lois Brenner is the author of “Getting Your Share, A Woman’s Guide to Successful Divorce Strategies,” a divorce book published by Crown, featured on Oprah and available on She has written for and been quoted by The New York Times and New York Magazine. She has appeared as a family law expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America and CNN. Ms. Brenner’s exciting new book, “The Psychology of Divorce” is launching in Spring 2017. Lois Brenner’s professional affiliations have included:

  • New York State Bar Association, Family Law Committee

  • American Bar Association

  • Women’s Bar Association

  • Trial Lawyers’ Association

  • Accredited Mediator

  • Family and Divorce Mediation Council

  • Registered Physician Assistant

  • Association of Family Practice Physician Assistants

  • NYS Society of Physician Assistants

  • Society of Emergency Physician Assistants

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