The Art of Mindful Storytelling: Learn why storytelling is the key to business growth


The Art of Mindful Storytelling is an opportunity to learn how to level up your business, your brand and build a mindful mindset by mastering your storytelling.


1) Storytelling tips and tools


About Jen:

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Jen James is the Founder & CEO of Double J Lifestyle & Admit One Productions Inc. Jen is a former Fortune 500 Leader turned Mindful Business Coach. As a sought after team leader and brand strategist she has spent 20+ years transforming companies and their leadership including Marvel, Walmart, Hasbro, Skechers, Cott, and Loblaws. She is a certified Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner, and is back in school getting her teaching certification in Mindful Self Compassion. She recently left the comfort of her corporate life to teach entrepreneurs how to level up their brands and business by building a mindful mindset and mastering their storytelling. Jen’s signature program, The Art of Mindful Storytelling, is designed to build confidence, eliminate burnout, strengthen connections, and empower you to translate your story into marketing and branding with ease.

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