The Anatomy of a Civil Lawsuit


Hopefully, nothing will happen in your life that will require you to hire a litigator. Unfortunately, this is rarely under our control.  For many, especially those who have never been involved in a lawsuit, the litigation process may feel overwhelming, unknown, and uncertain.  How do I choose the right lawyer? What are my obligations during the lawsuit? How long will the lawsuit take?  How much will it cost?  Who is going to know about my lawsuit?

Join Jack Newhouse from Virginia & Ambinder, LLP for a discussion on the anatomy of a civil lawsuit, what you can expect from hiring an attorney through judgment after trial.


  • How to pick the right attorney for you;

  • How to maximize your initial consultation;

  • Expected fees and costs during a lawsuit;

  • The stages and timeline of a civil lawsuit (e.g., pleadings, discovery, motions, trial, and appeals);

  • The expected and unexpected bumps in the road; and

  • Tips for maintaining your relationship with your attorney throughout the lawsuit.

About Jack:

Jack Newhouse cropped.jpg

Jack Newhouse is a partner at Virginia & Ambinder, LLP.  He is an experienced litigator committed to helping workers navigate complex employment disputes, including individual and class action claims for unpaid wages and benefits, employment discrimination, and breach of contract.

Mr. Newhouse has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of his clients.  He has experience representing a variety of workers in various industries, including construction, nursing, food service, waste collection, moving, exterminating, security, sales, and financial services.

Mr. Newhouse has given employment law trainings at numerous non-profit and public interest organizations, including New York Legal Assistance Group, Palladium, Inc., The Osborne Association, New York City Employment & Training Coalition, and The Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. In addition, he has been selected to the Super Lawyers’ Rising Star list from 2015 through 2018.

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