Self-care tools and practices during a time of crisis


During this webinar, I will talk about my own experience with self-care as a Leadership and Wellness Coach and how taking responsibility for your own wellbeing will make a huge difference in how you experience life on a daily basis. We will also look at why it’s not selfish but imperative to take care and nurture yourself first as a prerequisite before taking care and nurturing others.

Especially in a time of so much uncertainty and the type of global crisis we are going through right now we need to be mindful and make time for ourselves.

I will share with you some of my best practices and tools that I use on a daily basis and that I have my clients use to up their self-care rituals and wellbeing.


  • An understanding of how to make time and include self-care tools into your day

  • How to schedule around your specific needs and wants

  • Daily/ weekly self-care rituals

  • The power of rituals

  • An understanding of why self-care is imperative

  • Feeling empowered and supported to take on a consistent self-care routine

  • The power of choice

  • Different self-care practices and tools to choose from

About Lejla:

Lejla Kline cropped.jpg

As a graduate of the highly acclaimed and rigorous coaching program with Accomplishment Coaching (often referred to as the “Harvard” of the industry) I am a Leadership and Wellness Life-Coach working with professional women, typically in their mid 30’s through mid-’50s, who often wrongfully feel like they may not belong in our paternalistic (and sometimes misogynistic!) business and professional environments.

I support them to step full force into their personal power and to reclaim a deserving seat not just at the table, but at the front of the table. Think about whatever your most crazy dream is and what it would mean for you to actually making it happen!

I am deeply passionate about empowering female leadership by guiding women to take more space in the professional arena as well as on a personal level in how they take care of themselves in finding the time for well-being and self-care practices. We can not give from an empty cup. I believe in a holistic way of life and support women to fully embrace a work-life balance.

I look to connect with women who are ready to start playing bigger and bolder roles in their relationships, both professional and personal, to take a leap outside their comfort zone, and to begin to create a life that is truly worthy of them. Women who are ready to start empowering their choices, to trust themselves fully in service of being able to transform away from their predictable patterns, their limiting beliefs, and with that, distinguishing their “blind spots” in an effort to bring to fruition the connection and intimacy that they are longing for.

After all, failure and taking risks are the handrails to success.

I will partner with you to make your crazy dream happen! I will call you out on your BS and I will stand for your greatness until you are ready to believe it for yourself.

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