Reclaim Control & Get It Done


Some days you can bask in the feeling of accomplishment that comes with having checked off every task on your to-do list. While other days… life happens. You feel like you’re on a treadmill going nowhere and are quickly drowning in a sea of uncompleted tasks. We know our business is suffering and it costs us in missed marketing opportunities and lost sales revenue. Learn strategies that will change your daily mantra from “WHERE IS IT?!!!” to “Done!” and make the constant state of chaos, confusion and anxiety a thing of the past.


  • Turn your desk into your very own command center. Create a productive workspace that supports all of your daily activities. You will immediately know what to do with all information that lands on your desk. All frequently used resources will be right at your fingertips.

  • Panic attacks will be eliminated once and for all. You’ll no longer have to battle the paper piles. Documents and information can be found in seconds. You have mastered the decision making process to make this happen.

  • You, and not your email, are back in control of your day. Move effectively between emails, tasks, and projects bringing them all to a timely completion. You are proactively managing yourself, calendar and email to determine your daily priorities.

About Stephanie:


Stephanie Shalofsky, founder of The Organizing Zone, works with small companies from solopreneurs in home offices to those with up to 25 employees to gain control over their work environment resulting in improving productivity and profits.

Stephanie brings to her work the discipline, professionalism and project management skills that comes from years of corporate employment, where she managed large teams and budgets of upwards of $2.5 million. She combines that with her impressive organizing credentials including membership in NAPO and its New York chapter where she served as President for 2 years. This combined with her training as a Certified Productive Environment Specialist and her non-judgmental and empathetic style enable her to create highly functional and organized workspaces for her clients.

Stephanie is also an active member of the New York Women in Film and Television and a member of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.

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