The Money Ménage À Trois


The quality of your relationship with money, determines the quality of your life now and in the future. Whether you make good money, but have little to show for yourself, or you hoard money and still feel financially stressed, your beliefs and behaviors about money affect how you feel, what you do, and whether or not you’ll have a secure financial future.

You’re a savvy lady, and I know that you care deeply about helping people and making a difference. When you understand your money type, you begin to get in control of your money, which lowers stress and allows you to be who you’re truly meant to be in this world.

My goal in giving this talk is to help you create greater balance, have more time for yourself, more peace of mind and a better relationship with your money so you can live your life by design.

This talk will help you: -Understand how to improve your relationship with money, so you can better every area of your life -Identify how your beliefs & behaviors about money may be hurting your success -Learn the 5 Money Types to dramatically improve your life professionally and personally -Uncover your biggest money mistakes, so you can protect your most valuable asset – your income

About Robyn Crane:


Money & Business Expert, Robyn Crane is the host of the TV show, Financial G-Spot, Radio show, Let’s Talk Money and #1 International Best Selling Author or Mind Over Money Management. Her blueprint for financial success has been featured on Fox Business News, The Motley Fool and MSN Money. She’s an engaging and in-demand speaker who is regularly invited to speak at companies, women’s conferences, chambers of commerce, entrepreneurial groups and various types of organizations around the country.

Robyn is on a mission to empower successful and highly influential women, to make and keep more money, so they can have a bigger impact on the world. Her work helps these women create greater balance, have more time for themselves, more peace of mind and a better relationship with their money, so they can live life by design.

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