Get Ahead and Stay Ahead in Your Career: Learn the Brain Secrets for Raises, Promotions, and More


In this webinar, Nora Simpson guides you through the brain-based practical tools she has invented to put your career on the fast-track. With stories of real-life breakthroughs and plenty of laughs, you’ll learn new ways to overcome the obstacles to your success that lurk in your own brain.

About Nora Simpson:

Nora Simpson cropped

Nora is widely recognized as a business pioneer and the creator of the field of Experiential Neuroscience. Nora has successfully implemented her groundbreaking neuroscience-based business tools with more than 125 companies in 50+ industries and over 10,000 individuals to create radical breakthroughs in revenue, profit, productivity and fulfillment. She is the author of the newly released book Get Ahead and Stay Ahead: Use the Secrets of Your Own Brain to Unleash Your Success at Work. Learn more at

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