Invest With Less Stress


Starting with a brief overview of the current investment landscape, Manisha Thakor will dive into the five key drivers of a successful investment process.

You will leave this talk with an understanding of:

  • The three most important drivers of long-term investment success

  • What your primary investment options are (and how to pick the mix that is right for you)

  • The five most common investment mistakes

  • What you can realistically spend in retirement and how to calculate what you need to get there

  • How to honor who you are and who you will become (your dreams and aspirations for the future) through mindful, integrated financial planning

And so much more!

About Manisha Thakor:

Manisha Thakor

Manisha is a nationally recognized financial expert and the Founder and CEO of MoneyZen Wealth Management, she is known for making the complex simple, while providing clear and concise financial advice to support your life goals.

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