Breaking the Bonds of Procrastination


64% of our population struggles with procrastination, and it has a devastating effect on the achievement of our dreams. Are we all just lazy and undisciplined? Or are there other reasons?

In this webinar we will explore:

  • Why not all procrastination is equal [and in fact some is good]

  • How to be a “productive procrastinator”

  • Why getting more “disciplined” isn’t the answer

  • The four major sources of procrastination and how to overcome them

This informative, powerful, fun and FREE webinar will illuminate how to break free from procrastination and get started creating the life you want NOW.

About Liz Wolfe:

Liz Wolfe is a skilled and energetic motivational speaker, coach and trainer. For more than 20 years she has inspired hundreds of people with her passionate stand of abundance: “There is plenty for everyone, including me.” She empowers her coaching clients with her unique system: “A Clear Vision + Purposeful Action – Hidden Barriers = Breakthrough Results.”

She has reached thousands more through her online abundance meditation and videos and has published dozens of articles on self-development, transformation, and prosperity.

As a corporate trainer and executive coach, she creates customized curriculum designed to increase both personal and organizational effectiveness. Married for 22 years, Liz and her husband live in New York City where they have two wonderful children, ages 14 and 17. Always eager to get in front of a crowd, Liz also plays the ukulele and is half of the singing duo Ukulicious.

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