How to Be In your Power and Use your Power to Grow your Business and Create a Culture in which Everyone Thrives

You intend to stay poised—not react—in difficult interactions, but then you end up emotionally hijacked. You approach situations with confidence only to find the tables turned on you. You radiate confidence on the outside, but inside you’re in knots, worrying what others actually think of you. You’re exhausted.

These all-too-common scenarios happen when you are not in your power—reacting instead of responding. What if you could stay centered and act to improve outcomes for everyone, including yourself? What if you could quiet the internal noise and channel your energy into having big impact—and inner peace? What if you could turn people who seem like adversaries into advocates for your ideas? That’s being in your power!

In this presentation, Sharon Melnick, PhD shares actionable tools for being ‘in your power’ so you can recoup wasted energy. Drawing on 10 years of psychology research at Harvard Medical School and experience coaching 35,000 women, Dr. Melnick will share 3 essential practices to give you mental space, set up your next level advancement, and be the role model who creates a culture in which everyone thrives.

Learn how to:

  • Avoid getting emotionally hijacked by difficult people so you can stay calm and create the “weather” around you
  • Show up as the best version of yourself to turn around situations in which you don’t feel ‘in control’
  • Use the power you already have to make a bigger impact with less effort

Every woman has much more power than she thinks. This session will help you own it and use it to elevate your income and influence. Every woman in her power is a Change Agent!

About Sharon:

Sharon MelnickSharon Melnick, PhD is a leading authority on women’s leadership and power.

Informed by 10 years of psychology research at Harvard Medical School, her methods have transformed over 40,000 women at 50 Fortune 500 companies and in their own business. Her presentations create buzz at business and leadership conferences around the world (including at the White House and the United Nations).

In recognition of her impact advancing women, Dr. Melnick has been selected as a member of the Marshall Goldsmith Top 100 Coaches worldwide community.

She is a sought after executive coach for women executives who want to influence and inspire as culture carriers in their organization. She is also the Founder of the Next Level Leader virtual coaching initiative in which 92% of mid-career Women of Color and White women participants gain challenging and high paying next level roles in weeks not months or years. Women entrepreneurs seek her out to be ‘in their power’ to grow their business.

A woman finds her power at the intersection of 3 areas: Resilience, Confidence, and Influence. Dr. Melnick has written books on each of these topics, including Success under Stress: Powerful Tools to Stay Calm, Confident, and Productive; Confidence when it Counts; and From Pigeon Holed to Promoted.

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