Financial Liberation for Women of Color


An Introduction To The Knowledge & Skills Of Wealth-Building

This webinar is an interactive conversation about the knowledge, habits, and mindset of wealth building – increasing your net worth. By building wealth, the less you have to rely on your income, the more secure and at ease you’ll become!

Learn about the vital elements needed to build wealth in order to feel more confident with money and make financial decisions for the future. The knowledge shared on this webinar is rarely talked about or confronted with the care and attention to the actual needs of women of color.

Mastering Money Management

Without mastering money management nothing matters.  Explore ways to establish a solid foundation and be a true steward of your money – how resources flow in and out of your life, budgeting, setting up accounts, automating payments, automating savings, eliminating debt, and investing.

Shifting From A Conversation Of Saving To A Conversation Of Investing

Saving alone does not build wealth. Your money works for you through investing and the power of compounding and using leverage.  As women, there is so much social conditioning that define investing as a man’s domain. Let’s take back our power and get in the investing game.

Exploring The Wealth Mindset

Engage in personal reflection to uncover filters, unexamined beliefs and assumptions that define our current financial circumstances as women of color.

The ultimate goal is to line up our money choices with our deepest dreams and highest aspirations for ourselves, our families and our community.

About Alicia:

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I was fortunate to have been coached early in life about the path to building wealth. The simple truth I learned at the outset was to move from the consumer mindset of spending to the investor mindset that starts with living below your means and ends with having your savings invested so that your money works for you.  With a wealth building lifestyle — even while working in the non-profit sector and making only a modest income, I was able to build my wealth and become a self-made millionaire in my early 30’s and financially independent in my early 40’s.  What drives me to do this work is my commitment that women have power–choice, agency, and comfort–in their financial well-being.

My company, Journey to Wealth, helps women of color to become financially empowered,  achieve financial freedom, and live the life of their dreams.

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