Rewrite Your Money Story, Change Your Life

Rewrite Your Money Story, Change Your Life

Do you tell yourself money stories? Is there a little voice in your head saying “you’re no good with money,” or “you’re not capable of getting a handle on your finances,” or “you’ll never manage to save enough”? Negative, demoralizing stories like these can keep you...

Money and Emotions

Financial decision making can be highly emotional. We’ll discuss how make the best financial decisions even when we are overwhelmed.

The One-Page Financial Plan

Bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to go. People feel confused or paralyzed when dealing with money. They want the best advice!

9 Steps to Becoming a Financially Wise Woman

How women are creating a new “Female Economy” and what this means for your financial future -Why YOU as a woman need to start planning your financial future.

Do You Have A Scarcity Mindset?

From our earliest childhood memories, most of us remember hearing specific messages about money from the adults that took care of us. What did you hear when you were growing up? Was money hard to come by? Was it tight? Did you hear the adults around you arguing about money? Did it feel like there was never enough for everyone to feel good?