Beware! Changing Tides Approaching. Now What?


Are you going through a big life change like a career transition, separation, or divorce? Feeling like a fish out of water? Need help making sense of it all and unsure of your next step? The swirl of thoughts and emotions can cloud your judgment and throw you off track. So, how can you discover the next step that’s meaningful for you?

In this insightful webinar presentation, Cindy shows you how to successfully navigate through waters of change by:

  • Making decisions from your core values vs. your reactive self
  •  Unlocking more resources, so you can not just survive, but thrive
  •  Dealing with uncertainty in a proactive way
  • Understanding the bigger picture … what areas are impacted when you go through a significant life shift

Attendees may feel an increased clarity and confidence about their next step!

About Cindy:


Cindy Gunraj has successfully overcome many life changes alone. Divorce was the catalyst for her major life shifts. She was immersed in a culture where women act as caretakers in the home but are taught to suppress their voice and desires. Cindy’s time as a performer allowed her to develop her communication skills, which led to awakening a new voice and identity, and shedding the limiting cultural beliefs. On her journey working across multiple industries (global health, pharmaceutical medical education, real estate, and yoga), she met many people who were struggling with owning their power to live a truly wholehearted, authentic life. This paved the way to the creation of StillnessBlooms, a safe space to help empower others to overcome their limiting beliefs. Cindy attained her BA in Management and Economics, from Goucher College. She is a Certified Divorce Coach® and RYT® Yoga Certified teacher. Cindy is also a speaker who specializes in presentations and workshops to empower women to overcome difficult life situations.

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