Advantage U: Building Your Expert Brand


Your personal brand is an asset that’s part of who you are; always with you, always serving you. If you have your own business you likely have created a value proposition for your product or service – but have you considered why it’s also important to set yourself up as the go-to-expert? The same holds true if you are corporate professional – your career trajectory and satisfaction is a combination of your performance and other’s perceptions. In this webinar you will learn secrets from the board room and understand how and why establishing yourself as an expert – with an intentional personal value proposition – is good for everyone’s bottom line!

Webinar Learning objectives:

  • Understand why positioning yourself as an expert is good for business and your career

  • Learn how to establish, create or fine tune your personal value proposition

  • How to showcase your expertise and signature strengths in your current career or business

About Janet:


Janet Wise is a corporate HR executive, holds a master’s degree in human capital development, is an expert corporate learning strategist recognized for her award winning leadership programs; She is a Gallup certified StrengthsFinder™ coach, and holds advanced post graduate certificate in Executive Coaching and is currently completing another in Media Psychology.

With 15 years corporate experience leading, developing and designing talent management strategies at Fortune 500 companies – including creating and then heading the Learning Function at a multi-national organization – Janet knows the competitive advantage of aligning a companies’ people assets to effectively deliver on the business objectives. Janet also knows the harsh realties, that employees aren’t recognized and promoted based solely on their exceptional performance – instead she was relied on to coach executives and other high potential emerging leaders to create their own power positioning statement highlighting their unique strengths and expertise as way to set themselves apart from their peer competition and to prepare them for their next strategic leadership role or career transition.

Today, Janet combines her real world expertise together with a proven personal branding system to coach midsenior level business women how to identify, articulate, and demonstrate their personal brilliance, signature strengths, and expert brand so they can fully capitalize on their unique value, and effectively position themselves to create greater career satisfaction and more career opportunities. Additionally, Janet consultants and facilitates on-site training programs and team building experiences emphasizing a strengths-based approach to drive employee engagement, increase productivity, and maximize results for employees and organizations.



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