Our Story

Stacy Francis wanted to change the way women think and educate themselves about money. As a girl, Stacy witnessed her grandmother remain in an abusive relationship. When she was old enough to ask, “why?” she did. Her grandmother remained because she believed there was no other choice and she lacked the financial stability to change her situation.

With this life circumstance driving her, Stacy believed that no one should ever become powerless by financial instability. Working in the financial industry, she continued to come across women whose lack of financial well-being made them vulnerable to a range of emotional, personal, and financial consequences. After graduating from the New York University Center for Finance, Law and Taxation, Stacy embarked on a mission to help women and created SAVVY LADIES, a non-profit dedicated to helping women.

In 2003 Stacy began holding workshops in her New York City apartment, which quickly revealed how great the need was for educating women about their finances. More than a decade later Savvy Ladies seminars, webinars and HELPLINE have assisted thousands of women attain the information and resources they need to lead a financially secure life.


Today, Stacy Francis is the President and CEO of Francis Financial, Inc., a boutique wealth management and financial planning firm. She remains on the Board of Savvy Ladies, Inc. and continues to guide and grow the impact of the organization and its programs for women.