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Building Financial Conversations

The Power of Asking Financial Questions

Savvy Ladies answers financial questions for women every day, connecting 200+ women with financial professionals each month.

Savvy Ladies equips women with the educational tools and personalized 1:1 financial guidance providing real answers & strategies to enhance financial well-being while reducing financial anxiety helping women be better prepared to understand the best course of action to take with their finances.

Savvy Ladies Free Financial Helpline App enables us to be more accessible and reach out to connect with the most vulnerable and underserved women’s communities providing access to financial professionals for honest, authentic and trusted 1:1 conversations.

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“I was a stay-at-home mother who merely taught part-time and freelanced while my husband ran the finances and paid our bills. I had lived on my own before I met him, but when we decided to divorce, I was afraid of managing my finances again, especially since due to being out of the workforce, my income isn’t sizable. Savvy Ladies got me in touch with a financial planner for free and I was able to get a budget planned, as well as some support in trying to make smart financial choices in the most devastating of times (a home foreclosure, divorce, and student loan repayments). I will never be so dependent on anyone again, and I am so grateful for all of Savvy Ladies help.”
— Laura L.