Navigating Women’s Health & Creating the Financial Roadmap to Live a Healthy Life

Free Virtual Event

Thursday, July 15th 6:00 PM EST

A virtual discussion on women’s health and finances, with Stacy Francis, Founder Savvy Ladies®, Beth Battaglino, CEO HealthyWomen, and top guest speakers. We will talk about the current state of women’s health and finances, how to be financially prepared for a health crisis, and aligning your health and money goals.



Precious Williams

Bestselling Author and Speaker, Founder of Perfect Pitches

Carrie Rattle

Financial Coach/Therapist. CEO & Founder Behavioral Cents

Kristi Rodriguez

Senior Vice President of the Nationwide Retirement Institute® for Nationwide Financial

Gaetane Michaud

Professor of Medicine and Cardiothoracic Surgery; Chief of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine


Deborah Gordon

Author of The Health Care Consumer’s Manifesto, an Aspen Institute Health Innovators Fellow, an Eisenhower Fellow


Sharon Epperson

Senior Personal Finance Correspondent for CNBC

Stacy Francis

Stacy Francis

Founder of Savvy Ladies

Beth Battaglino

CEO of HealthyWomen


Advancing Women’s Health & Money Strategies for Lifetime Wellbeing

Current State of Women’s Health & Her Money | Financial Stress & Women’s Health | Healthy Lifestyle & Financial Wellbeing

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us more health-conscious than ever before. According to a survey by Nationwide Retirement Institute, 7 in 10 Americans say they worry more about their family’s health now. Yet, only 1/3 of Americans feel knowledgeable about how much they’ll need to cover health care costs in retirement. 

“Getting started with saving is the first and most important step to a secure retirement.  In the last century, women’s lifespans have increased over 25 years. For many women, retirement will last longer than their working years. Women also need to better understand the connection between health and wealth, and how preventative care and services can guard against future expenses and lifestyle-inhibiting health conditions.” 

–  Kristi Rodriguez, SVP Nationwide

Financial literacy is vital in navigating your health care strategy now and into the future should a health crisis occur. Are you prepared to care for yourself and your family? With the growth in telehealth and more accessible ways to learn and engage with experts for wellness, mindfulness, and therapy online, you now have multiple choices to establish a healthy routine. What are the newest health options and can you afford them? Preparing a health plan today so that you are ready for the future is critical.

Learn with the Savvy Ladies and Healthy Women experts the vital connection between your health and your wealth and be prepared.



Current State of Women’s Health & Her Money

Welcome Message: Stacy Francis & Sharon Epperson.  

Opening discussion: Stacy Francis & Beth Battaglino will dive into the current state of women’s health and money with guest Deb Gordon.


Financial Stress & Women’s Health

with Precious Williams & Carrie Rattle

What is the impact of financial anxiety on women’s health?

How can you avoid debt and financial distress when facing an unexpected health crisis?

Precious Williams and Carrie Rattle will answer these questions and more.


Healthy Lifestyle & Financial Wellbeing

with Gaetane Michaud & Kristi Rodriguez

With longer average life spans, average lifetime health care cost is a third higher for women than it is for men.

How to Align Your Health Goals with Your Money Goals, and How Good Health and Money Habits Go Hand in Hand

On this panel, Gaetane Michaud, MD MS, and Kristi Rodriguez will discuss how to align your health goals with your money goals, the costs of being healthy and a checklist to be financially prepared for the stages of women’s health lifecycle.

Your Healthy Financial Checklist

Learn the steps to be financially prepared for the ages & stages of your health lifecycle.

Affording Healthy Options for Women: The costs of being healthy

Don’t underestimate the cost of a healthy lifestyle. Planning a financial roadmap for lifetime health care costs for women is a third higher than it is for men. The cost of gynecology visits, birth control and pregnancy care need to be factored into their plan.