Get Health Savvy 2022

Creating a financial roadmap for physical, mental and financial wellness.

Join our upcoming live panel discussions featuring industry leaders and experts addressing your money mindset, the effects on your health and wealth, and aligning your money and your health goals.

Panel 1: Thursday July 14th 6:00 PM ET

Panel 2: Tuesday July 19th 6:00 PM ET

Your Relationship with Money

Thursday, July 14th 6:00 – 7:15 PM ET

With money being a top stress driver, preparing a health plan today will reduce anxiety and help reset your mindset. Learn about accessing long-term health choices, telehealth options, and online engagement with experts for wellness, mindfulness, support, and guidance.

Michelle Fox

CNBC personal finance writer and producer


Sarah Daya

Vice President – Wealth Planning and Advice at JPMorgan Chase & Co.


Yolanda Haynesworth

EVP, Health & Wellness at Grey Group


Vanessa Roberts

Managing Director, Head of Healthcare Leveraged Finance at Morgan Stanley


Kristi Rodriguez

Senior Vice President, Retirement Institute at Nationwide Financial


Aligning Good Money and Health Habits

Tuesday, July 19th, 6:00 – 7:15 PM ET

Join us for an engaging conversation on how to align your health goals and your money goals for all the stages of a women’s health lifecycle. Let’s talk about the financial impact of health behaviors covering budgeting for today, caregiving and health planning literacy.

Sign up and join the discussion with panelists Heather Ettinger, Deb Gordon, Nichole Schier, and Manisha Thakor, moderated by Jessica Douieb.

Jessica Douieb

J.P. Morgan Advisors Wealth Partners


Heather Ettinger

Founder & CEO Luma Wealth Advisors


Manisha Thakor

CEO & Founder MoneyZen


Deb Gordon

Author, The Health Care Consumer’s Manifestor


Nichole Schier

Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo