Get Success Savvy: The Power of Your Own FAB (Female Advisory Board)

Most companies have a group of people that serve as “advisory board members”. Their role is to help provide guidance, recommendations, and insights on a variety of key topics in order to ultimately produce better results for that firm.

So why shouldn’t we apply that same strategy to ourselves as women in the workforce!

And while there is a wide range of career resources available from a professional development standpoint, many times the most impactful advice you get is from others that have stood in your shoes (literally!)
Join our interactive panel discussion on Why Developing your Female Advisory Board (FAB) could be the most rewarding career decision you make.

The panel will discuss:
– The key criteria for selecting your personal FAB
– How, when, and why to engage with them
– Real-life examples of how the panelists use their own FAB’s including career advancement techniques, addressing difficult situations, and salary negotiation strategies.

Don’t miss out on this important discussion and the opportunity to network with some amazing women. You may meet or even find your first FAB member!

Moderated by financial services strategic business, media, and marketing consultant, Suzanne Siracuse, who knows firsthand, the importance of incorporating this important component into your life and how it positively impacts your professional and personal success.

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