Which credit card is the best to earn mileage points?


There are so many credit cards to choose from to earn mileage points – a lot depends on your anticipated travel patterns and your preferred payment options.

When reviewing your options, don’t forget to look at the small print and get a handle on the interest rate (APR), annual fees and any other reward features as well as how points are earned and how you will most likely earn them based on your spending patterns. You’ll earn points quicker if you consolidate all your purchases on one card so try and choose a card that gives you the most flexibility in being able to utilize the mileage points you earn rather than seeing them being wasted because you can’t use them.

Some card issuers draw you in with some seemingly great perks, only to find that there are hidden clauses or penalties so watch out for these. There can also be blackout dates and seat restrictions and watch out for expiry terms for mileage points already earned.

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