There’s No Freedom in Waiting to be Rich

by Ann Wilson

It’s one of the most basic questions ever: What do you and 99% of the population want most?

Most people will say “More money.” Specifically, we want to be rich. Who wouldn’t? If you’re rich, you really don’t have much to worry about, except maybe what to do with all that money, or maybe what to do with that “distant cousin” you never knew you had. Still, that’s a problem most people will gladly accept. It’s what I like to call a “Quality Problem”.

More money means having the support you want, doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want to do it, and all without having to ask permission from anyone. No bosses, no deadlines, no performance appraisals—being in charge of your own life.

Since this is so obvious … why are we even talking about it?

Because sometimes, the obvious is so obvious that we miss the point. When we talk about wanting to be wealthy, what are we really talking about; money, or the things we believe money will give us?

There’s a pretty big difference between the two! Does having more money absolutely mean having more freedom, or security, or fun, or peace of mind or what ever else it is you believe it will bring you? Not necessarily.

Being financially rich certainly provides material convenience, but you and I know there are plenty of rich people out there who are completely miserable. Sometimes they miss the whole point of being wealthy.

One of the greatest lessons I learnt on my journey to financial freedom is that MONEY IS NOT THE END!

“Hold the horses, Ann!” – you might be thinking? If money isn’t the point of all this then why are we even talking?

You see, Money isn’t the end but it is an incredible and very powerful resource that you absolutely must master in order to live the life you desire.

The key points here are Mastering Money and Living the Life You Desire. To do this you need to know what is is you really want.

What we’re really seeking is a feeling that we associate with being rich. The house we want can give us a sense of comfort. The car we want can heighten a feeling of importance. Travel and toys can bring excitement and stave off boredom. The passive cash flow can give us freedom to choose not to work. But you don’t have to wait to have loads of money in order to have all of these things or experience the feelings of freedom and happiness.

The goal isn’t to get rich in order to be free. Let’s turn that around! Choose freedom now and truly get that you already have it. Ironically, when I “got” this, when I fully understood this, by financial wealth expanded exponentially.

I finally understood that Wealth = Money + Rich Life Experiences

How do we get wealthy now? Financially speaking, you do this by realising that every decision you make is your choice. Every cent, Pound, Dollar, Euro or Rand you spend is your choice and what you get for it in return will create either money heaven or hell.

You ensure that some of those spend decisions result in you buying and creating passive income streams —some to build, some to buy—letting those streams gather momentum over a few years, reaping the rewards, then doing more of this with other passive income structures. This way, you get the material wealth that gives you tangible freedom from having to worry about working—one of the basic goals of our desire to be rich.

You also ensure that you get massive value from your other spend decisions, ensuring that your money brings you rich life experiences now – not some time down the road when you are “rich”. This is easy if you really know what it is you want, what emotion are you after. So spend some time checking in on what it is you really want to feel and choose to have that in your life NOW!

You do both by learning how to Master Your Money  

Freedom is only as good as the results of your true intentions. In other words, keep the endgame in mind. We’re not getting rich to live sometime in the future. We want to live a rich life now, full of passion and purpose while we master and grow our money.  There’s no freedom in waiting.




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