Taking the Emotions out of Finances to Reach Financial Serenity


There are a number of reasons why women at the end of their work live in poverty. The average woman earns anywhere from .67 to .77 of each man’s $1.00. Women tend to leave the workforce three to seven years, caring for their families. Women outlive their spouses around 10 years. These are basic realizations for women. However, some women have a fear of money, are afraid to negotiate their pay, and afraid to say no to family and friends.

This webinar is designed to:

  • Help women decrease their unhealthy financial habits while raising their healthy ones, giving them power and serenity.

  • Effectively create a financial spending plan that can be implemented today.

  • Help women deal with the emotional stress that often comes with their finances and turn that stress into positive energy.

About Anita Johnson:

Anita Johnson

Anita is the speaker, Founder/Owner of Money Wisdom for Women, Radio Host of Anita Talks Money and contributor to FOX40 News.

During her career, Ms. Johnson has developed and instructed numerous courses designed to assist all ages in sound making financial decisions. These courses include: “Big Girls Don’t Cry – Taking the Emotion Out of Finances”, “Emotional & Financial Freedom”, “Entrepreneur Planning”, “The Game of Life-Foster Youth,” ”Bookkeeping for Non-Bookkeeper,’” “Living Beyond Broke,” and “Transforming Your Money-Create a Financial Reality.” She has two books, Bookkeeping for Non-Bookkeeper (book-online course), and Big Girls Don’t Cry-Take the Emotion out of Finances.

Ms. Johnson has spoken and interviewed around the country, writes a column for The Sacramento Observer, been profiled or quoted numerous times throughout her career. Ms. Johnson teaches and lectured since 1998 and established a thriving online community.

Her professional affiliations are numerous, they include: Chairperson for the Small Business Development & Employment Advisory Board for the City of Sacramento, National Associates of Women Business Owners, Member of the Public Policy Committee, National Association of Black Accountants, Advisory Board KVIE Channel 6, Chairman of Advisory Board Capital Power Credit Union, & the most current appointment Cultural Advisory Board for the CA State Fair.

Ms. Johnson’s commitment is to inform and educate her clients so that they can make sound financial decisions.

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