Strategies for Controlling Your Cash Flow


This session is for you if you:

  • Are a owner of a small or mid sized business who not only wants to grow sales but more importantly keep more of what you make.

  • Are using a PPP loan, EIDL loan or some other form of cash to currently fund your business and want to know how to use it wisely.

  • Are pivoting, re-branding or re-launching your business and want to know how to survive and thrive in this economy.

By the end of this webinar, you will:

  • Gain strategies and resources to get cash flowing into your business and reduce the amount of cash flowing out of the business

  • Learn about a framework to manage cash, project cash shortfalls and avoid them

  • Have an opportunity to work with me and get more of this training and guidance for your business.

About Tricia:

Tricia Taitt cropped.jpg

Tricia M Taitt is Principal of the Art of Money Matters (AMM), the go-to outsourced accounting and CFO services company preparing women entrepreneurs for growth and scale. By offering accounting, financial analysis & reporting, financial consulting, budgeting/forecasting and holistic financial operations management, AMM helps women entrepreneurs make critical business decisions with confidence and ease.  Tricia is also a Wharton undergrad, a Duke MBA, a former Wall Street Finance professional and Treasurer of the National Association of Women Business Owners NYC Board. If you want to get your business on the right path to financial success, book a consult with her at / IG@artofmoneymatters

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