Why you have “nothing to wear” … and how to stop closet overwhelm


This webinar will help you identify the key factors to why it is such a struggle to find what to wear in a closet full of clothes.

During the webinar you will learn 1) What & how to purge (and actually feel good about it) 2) How to psychically organize your closet 3) 4 suggested dressing strategies, that will make getting dressed a cinch.

About Diane Pollack:

Diane Pollack cropped

Diane is truly committed to guiding busy women to achieve an organized closet and empowered wardrobe. Backed by a 20+ year career as a clothing Designer, Diane created STYLEMPOWER www.stylempower.com, a wardrobe consulting service in NYC

She believes that feeling confident in your dress is empowering internally and radiates outward. Stylempower is the fashion solution for the everyday woman, that saves her time, stops the overwhelm and creates outfits she feels empowered in. Her service focuses on what works for the individual’s needs, understanding their style taste and budgets, it is truly “style for your lifestyle”.

PS – Stylempower is also a petite specialist.

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