New traditions to create stability in new circumstances


Children (and families) thrive on regularity and yet, everyone’s daily life is being turned upside down and promises to remain so for some time to come. Add to that the fact that no one is certain what the “new normal” will be and families find themselves in quite a pickle. Resilience is the quality in human beings that helps them “bounce back” from trauma and if there were ever a time to build resilience in our families it is now. In this Webinar we will:

  1. Learn about what “Resilience” is and how to incorporate resilience in our new daily lives.
  2. Begin to re-prioritize.
  3. Get Clarity on how to “regularize” our children’s (and our) daily lives so that they work.
  4.  Strategize ways to spice up our weeks as we build new traditions.

About Rich:

Rich Heller cropped.jpg

Rich Heller, MSW, CPC, ELI MP, is a “Conflict Coach” who works with people engaged in high levels of conflict so that they can create cooperation out of conflict. He works with individuals and couples, focusing on how they can have a relationship that works with minimum friction and maximum support for their children. Additionally Rich helps organizations and businesses transform destructive conflict into a vehicle for change and innovation.

He went to Vassar College for his BA, Hunter School of Social Work for his MA, a trained in mediation with the Center for Understanding in Conflict, and trained in Parent Coordination through the AFCC. He is a Certified Professional Coach, and an ELI Master Practitioner.

No stranger to conflict, Rich Heller grew up in NYC, is a child of divorce, has been divorced and successfully remarried. He and his partner Katherine have been married for over 20 years and launched five children into the world. He is a fourth-degree blackbelt and teacher in the World Seido Karate system.

He has worked with the families of Addicts and Alcoholics, and at-risk youth. A serial entrepreneur his whole life, Rich has also coached business owners on organizational wellness, as well as educating them in fiscal, organizational and ecological sustainability.

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