Neurochemical ADVERTISING [ post COVID, post PROTEST ]

savvy-ladies-webinar.jpgWe are all experiencing rapidly revolutionary changes through massive civil unrest and a COVID pandemic. This means a company’s imagery and messaging must change to remain relevant and current in a rapidly changing marketplace. Neurochemical ADVERTISING [ post COVID, post PROTEST ] is a revolutionary, hour-long webinar which unveils many new approaches to a newly changing marketplace. The webinar is specifically designed to help usher small to mid-sized businesses into this new [ post COVID, post PROTEST ] age.

The survival skills covered are:

  • Optimal approaches to advertising.

  • Simple, yet effective adjustments to brands through the written word and image.

  • Choosing the right photographer.

  • Cutting through MASSIVE media noise and clutter neurochemically.

  • Why Neuroscience trumps Psychology, specifically in this day and age.

  • How WOM (Word-of-Mouth) Advertising does 5x better than any other form of media.

About Julien:

Julien McRoberts.jpg

Julien McRoberts has 15 years working as a professional photographer/producer for notable clients such as: Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon), The National Geographic Traveler, and the Georgia O’Keefe Museum. Julien was recently named one of NYC’s Top 10 Lifestyle Photographers in 2019.

About Breuk:

Breuk Iversen cropped.jpg

Breuk Iversen has been branding, designing and copywriting for NYC for over 25 years. Notable clients: kate spadefw|BK, COACH, etc. Inspired by SoHo and the E. Village, he pioneered promoting Williamsburg | Brooklyn as an American cultural hotspot before the borough tracked tourism numbers in 2001.

About Lara:

Lara Kisielewska cropped.jpg

Lara Kisielewska has run a successful NYC graphic design firm for 30 years and is a past President of the National Association of Women Business Owners NYC Chapter. Lara currently produces many NYC trade shows and is the National President of the  Graphic Artists Guild (2020).

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