Make Maternity Leave a Leadership Opportunity


Bring Order to the Chaos with a Maternity Leave Plan

Many women worry about leaving their team in a lurch, and losing control of existing projects when they go out on maternity leave. In this webinar expecting mothers will strategize an exit that anticipates their needs and those of their organization. You will learn to create a master plan with management that removes the confusion and disorganization a maternity leave can bring. Expecting mothers will address practical considerations by:

  • Establishing leave and return dates considering company, state and FMLA policies

  • Illustrate your worth by providing a review of current projects and their status

  • Making recommendations for coverage of your responsibilities

  • Developing an early delivery contingency plan

  • Creating a re-entry plan that helps ease the return-to-work transition and makes sure nobody misses a beat

  • Scheduling a pre-return meeting so you can return hitting the ground running

About Robyn:

Robyn DeLuca cropped.jpg

Robyn Stein DeLuca is a psychologist and postpartum consultant, providing speeches, seminars, and private coaching to help working women and managers navigate parental leaves and returns with confidence. After fifteen years on the faculty at Stony Brook University teaching and researching how to cope with pregnancy and postpartum adjustment, she decided to apply her expertise and develop the Back to Business Parental Leave Support Programs. Dr. DeLuca’s commentary on gender issues, work/life balance, and parenting has appeared in national and international news outlets such as Yahoo Finance, Fox5News, The Times (of London), the Huffington Post, the International Business Times, and the Voice of America. In 2017, New Harbinger published Robyn’s book “The Hormone Myth,” which uses scientific data to dispel the myth that women’s reproductive hormones make them incompetent and irrational maniacs. Her 2015 Tedx talk has been viewed by over 1.4million people, and was translated into 23 languages. In 2017, Robyn completed the NYU Advanced Diploma in Coaching. She is also the mother of two daughters. With Robyn Stein DeLuca you get a dynamic combination of the latest research and practical common sense to manage the major life transition of new parenthood.

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