Long Term Care Planning for Women – Protecting Your Most Important Assets: Your Independence, Your Family, Your Lifestyle


As women we intuitively understand care giving and the demands of being a caregiver; financial, physical and emotional. Yet for many, long term care planning remains the largest unfunded risk to our retirement portfolio and threatens to disrupt independence and burden children and spouses.

As independent women we want choices, flexibility and continuation of lifestyle.

If you can health qualify, LTC Insurance should be part of your planning – as we are living longer lives and likely to be living alone in later years.

Learn about the long-term care insurance landscape. This includes stand alone plans that can be customized for budget and linked and asset based solutions for single or limited pay.

Generous tax incentives are in place to help consumers finance premiums.

Premiums are based on age and health. Younger and healthier gives you the advantage of preferred health discounts and locks in your age. Unisex pricing still exists in NY for most carriers but is quickly moving to reflect gender based pricing. The next generation of plans will increase rates on women’s policies 25-40%.

Timing will never be better for women in NY to take action for their lifestyle and independence.

About Natalie Karp and Rona Loshak:

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Natalie and Rona help you protect your most important assets: your independence, your family and your lifestyle. They specialize in all aspects of Long Term Care Insurance.

Natalie and Rona are adjunct professors at CW Post, Tax & Accounting Institute and have been in business since 2008, and friends and colleagues for over 25 years.

Karp Loshak is a trusted source of information for individuals and their trusted advisors. As independent brokers Karp Loshak is affiliated with all leading LTC Insurance carriers which allows Karp Loshak to educate, analyze, and recommend suitable LTC insurance options based on health, medications, age, marital status, budget and lifestyle. Karp Loshak LTC Insurance Solutions is transforming the LTC planning experience for consumers and their advisors. Karp Loshak is well regarded for their educational platform and consultative approach. They help you navigate the landscape of options, with unbiased analysis and expertise. They take the complexity out of the process and guide you from concept to contract. They help you understand the true cost of selfinsuring, the new landscape of LTC Insurance options, legislation and tax incentives.Given the challenges of blended families, single and divorced women, and wealth transfer issues, long term care insurance is a proactive solution to secure your legacy and future.

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