Learning to Say ‘Yes’ to Help and Why It Can be So Hard

WebinarsLearning to accept help and ask for help, all begins with being willing to say ‘yes’ to help. While many of us are aware we need help, even clearly want help and often enjoy giving help; It seems when it comes to reaching forward towards our own help, there are often challenges and barriers that keep us from moving towards helping ourselves. This talk explores some of the challenges that keep us from getting help, and ways in which we can overcome them to open up new doors of possibility in our journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Important tools to pack for your journey: Courage and Compassion
  • The power of learning to walk with self-grace, the importance of setting your pace, and awareness towards your goal.
  • Things that hinder us: Shame, Comparison, and Fake Badges of Honor
  • Keys to making a paradigm shift that sticks: Words, Behaviors and Support

About Elki:

Elki CamachoElki Camacho is a Business Consultant specializing in Strategic Growth and Operational Excellence.

By focusing on people, process and technology, Elki aids business in transforming their business models, scaling intentionally, and transforming cultures to create more profitable business.

As a consultant, Elki operates in various capacities to strengthen your business knowledge, hone your day to day operations, and create achievable plans to knock your goals out of the park. We act as an extended part of your business providing ongoing coaching to meet your business needs.

As a champion of Women in Business and Diversity and Inclusion, Elki is an avid community mentor, and provides coaching and professional development to women rising in their careers.

She sits on the Leadership team of BNI Chapter 25, is on the Board of Women Entrepreneurs of Hudson County as well as Hudson County Chamber of Commerce and is founder of WeMentors. She is the Principal and CEO of Elki Consulting Group.

Learning to Say 'Yes' to Help and Why It Can be So Hard

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