The Kick-Start Strategy – Reinvent Your Career or Business Step-by-Step


You’re ready for a change. But change is risky. How do you get that bright future you want without losing what you have?

This webinar will teach you a powerful method for transforming your career or business. The Kick Start Strategy™ is a straightforward framework for successfully getting where you want to go—with a lot less risk and stress. This step-by-step approach gets you unstuck and moving ahead now—even if you don’t know exactly where you’re headed.

About Kate Gardner:

Kate Gardner cropped

Kate is an Executive Coach and Business Consultant in New York City. She works with professionals and entrepreneurs around the country who want to make an impact and reap the rewards. She developed the Kick Start Strategy™ based on in-depth research and a decade of hands-on work with clients. She is a former financial investigator on Wall Street and managing partner of an award-winning design firm.

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