Keep Your Day Job While Starting Your Business


Learn to use the best available resources so you can get it right the first time!

Women comprise an increasingly growing faction of business owners, looking for flexibility, independence, and control. This FREE informational webinar is for women who are aspiring or current business owners, career transitioners, semi-retirees, veterans, and others.

Seeking alternatives to traditional employment? Learn about putting that entrepreneurial spirit to work. There may be a ready-made franchise business that fits your model! We will discuss:

  • What is semi-absentee ownership?

  • Assess if franchise ownership is right for you

  • How to select your optimal concept

  • Opportunities available in your area

  • Funding guidance for a quick ramp-up

About Frank:

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FranNet is franchising’s oldest and most recognizable coaching outfit. Frank Dunne is an area owner, who helps entrepreneurs, executives-in-transition and others explore franchised business ownership, providing counsel on the benefits, costs, and risks of owning a franchised business. Clients are coached through a robust research, and selection process in a safe and professional environment, being navigated through a maze of leading franchise concepts. Utilizing cutting-edge profiling, and 1:1 consultative processes, Mr. Dunne helps match leading franchises that best fit each client’s goals, skills, and interests on a no-cost/no-risk basis.

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